“There is a unique light that resides in each look, each gesture.

I photograph from a deep need to capture the transformations of this light. My long experience in photography gave me the opportunity to transfer this knowledge and awareness of how I approach people to wedding photography too.

The subtleties of emotion, a move of the wedding dress, a touch, the expression of the hands, the meeting of glances, have their own lives through the flow of events on the wedding day. Along with recording the general plans, I pay attention to the detail, where the beauty lies for the simple unsuspecting eye.

The glow, the colors, expressive gestures, create an artistic style of photography that meets the most demanding taste. Beyond the stereotype of the wedding ceremony I manage to impose your own unique style.

My goal is simple: Each time you look at your wedding album, you will experience – as a revelation - the uniqueness of your own wedding”